Cloud Hosting

  • Supplying Cloud Infrastructure;
    • IaaS: Servers and firewall, private and hybrid are available. Our infrastructure is running in Tier-3 data centers.
    • PaaS: Management of the web, database and related necessary servers such as email, VPN, domain controller, and virtual/host servers. We can do this either on cloud infrastructure or at your premises.
    • Customized SaaS: Design and development of web applications and related database back-end, running on our infrastructure.
  • Cloud Server Management; Your systems implemented on Azure and Amazon servers are being managed by us 24/7.
  • Cloud Migration projects; We move your systems into Cloud.

Koza’s Cloud services will help you:

  • Increase systems availability, improve performance, decrease customer time loss, heighten customer satisfaction, raise sales revenue.
  • Reduce the costs of planning and implementing servers and necessary infrastructure. We have implemented a series of solutions for web applications with different load levels, and we already know which one will best fit your system.
  • Lower the cost of managing the infrastructure. Avoid the hassles of learning curves, scheduling of after-hours support personnel and staffing.
  • Gain access to expert system administrators, architects, DBAs, and developers.

Note: The Always-On Web Systems Management Service cost is based on your system’s requirements. You will get a customized project plan and a quote after an initial analysis period.