KozaP System

Communicate globally with remote personnel, securely and effectively using tasks and projects for your team.

Issue Tracking and Team Collaboration System, Kozap.ca: Use for Free.

The in-house developed Issue Tracking system has been in use since 2014, and our clients wished to use it for their own projects. Hence, we opened the portal KozaP.ca for public use as a cloud software, to assign tasks and communicate globally with remote personnel securely, through tasks and projects. The new modules such as document sharing was added in 2016. We are improving it day by day with new features and new user friendly interfaces:

  • You can create projects and invite your collegues to be part of your projects
  • Create tasks, assign it to your personnel or contractors.
  • Communicate with your personnel by messaging.
  • Share documents with the personnel.
  • Monitor the tasks, monitor your projects.
  • Security levels are defined at the project level, hence no one can view any documents or tasks if they are not included in your project.
  • The accounts are not searchable. To be able to include someone to your network, you should first get the person’s email address.

Free usage: All we are asking is to send us a feedback about any improvements and new functionality that you would like to have in the application. We will soon load training material on how to use the site: Visit KozaP.ca
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