Tech Café Session: Free Cyber Security Awareness
Information Training

Is your association protected?

Koza how to safely remote connect

Working remotely is now trending for association professionals for both members and staff. However, remote connection does not come without risk of cyber attack.

Your data is at risk if your association’s members or staff are doing any of the following:

  • Logging in at cafes or other free wi-fi locations
  • Connecting their phone or USB to their to work laptop
  • Accessing emails through their mobile device

Data-security is becoming an issue for associations in particular because: they rarely have an IT support department, and few have anti-virus protected websites and security certificates. 

Koza IT Services invites association management professionals to attend the presentation and discussion group to learn and consider the basic action steps that should be taken to secure association data. Attend in person (1 Nicholas Street, Suite 700 Ottawa) or by Skype.


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