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Sophia Staff asked 5 years ago

We have been working on our modernization project, DB2 & Cobol to SQL Server & .Net migration for over 6 months. We finished a small application, migrated into the new system as a proof of concept. We started getting locks and performance issues. We realized that we need some SQL Server expertise. Are you able to help us to review the current deployment, and create a better migration plan for the upcoming application modernization? We will need the SQL Servers, setup to be reviewed. The database and table designs must be reviewed. We need in house SQL coding expertise so some know how has to be transferred for SQL development. We do not want any errors, locks and performance issues in the new SQL Server and .net system.

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Ken Hoca Engineer answered 5 years ago

Yes. This is our expertise area and we can certainly help. There are very critical “things to do” while moving from DB2 to SQL Server. The transactional database systems are different and when the SQL is copied as-is, there will be deadlocks and performance issues. Usually, the table structure will need some minor changes, and the problems are more on the SQL coding practices for DB2 to SQL Server migration.