Cloud Services


Koza has been implementing private cloud solutions for heavy duty and business critical systems since 2012.

Koza Private Cloud – Your business continuity is our priority.

We provide secure, high performing and resilient home for your business critical systems and Data, in a space that can grow as your company grows.

We design custom server and network infrastructure for your system’s requirements, and connect the cloud securely to your HQ, regional offices and to home office locations. A secondary geographical location serves in case of high resilient primary location outages. All infrastructure is in Canada, all employment is in Canada, no outsourcing and no offshoring.

Value-Added Managed Database Services

All servers located in Ottawa

100% of Canadian employees

Fast Speeds

99% Uptime

24/7 Monitoring, Management & Support

Value-Added Managed IT Services

High-security Physical Access

Expert Consultants and IT Architects

Fully Customizable Servers

Redundant and high-available systems

Secure HQ & office connectivity

You focus on your business while Koza manages and takes care of your systems.

High-Performance Colocation Facilities for your Business-Critical Systems

Koza’s Cloud services will help you:

  • Increase systems availability, improve performance, decrease customer time loss, heighten customer satisfaction, raise sales revenue.
  • Reduce the costs of planning and implementing servers and necessary infrastructure. We have implemented a series of solutions for web applications with different load levels, and we already know which one will best fit your system.
  • Lower the cost of managing the infrastructure. Avoid the hassles of learning curves, scheduling of after-hours support personnel and staffing.
  • Gain access to expert system administrators, architects, DBAs, and developers.