Al (Alejandro) Moreno
General Manager, Frequency Coordination System Association

“Koza IT Services is the current provider of server management services for FCSA’s frequency analysis system, which is used by engineers of all main telecom companies operating in Canada. The service includes administration and operation of hardware as well as FCSA’s Web and SQL platforms. Koza has provided good and reliable service to FCSA for over 3 years now and their fees are very competitive.”

Michael Foley
Chief Operations Officer

“We have been working with Koza IT for the past year to ensure that our client servers are fully operational. In particular, Ken and team have been very responsive when alerts have been triggered and they have turned a major pain into something we barely even notice. We no longer worry that our server infrastructure will create problems for our team.”

conference board of Canada
Jim Kennedy
Director, Information Technology and Information Management, The Conference Board of Canada

“The team at Koza IT Services has seen us through a number of important database and application projects including SQL Server migrations, troubleshooting and emergency support, and setting up development and production environments for our in-house application team. Their experience and flexibility have been invaluable to us.”

Joseph Potvin
Senior IT Economist, Information Technology Division, Chief Information Officer Branch, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

“I have found the Koza IT Services team to be highly reliable contractors in both a technical and professional sense. They have both been committed to our goals for the project, and they were both quickly effective in working with other staff and contractors on the team. Some aspects of our project are complex and they were keen to learn. Sometimes our project took unexpected turns, and we found them relaxed about adapting to circumstances. We located Koza through an Internet search related to specific knowledge and skills in February 2009. Needless to say, we’ll be happy to have them continue in our project, and we’re also pleased to recommend them.”